Published Papers

2016. Kupchik, M.J. and Shaw, R.F. Age, growth, and recruitment of larval and early juvenile Atlantic croaker (Micropogonias undulatus), determined from analysis of otolith microstructure. Fishery Bulletin, 114(1).

2007. Roberts, H., Carney, R., Kupchik, M., Fischer, C., Nelson, K., Becker, E., Goehring, L.,
Lessard-Pilon, G., Bernard, B., Brooks, J., Bright, M., Cordes, E., Houdez, S., Hunt, J., Shedd, W.,
Boland, G., Joye, S., Smarkin, V. ALVIN explores the deep northern Gulf of Mexico slope. EOS,
Transactions American Geophysical Union 88 (35): 341.



2016. Limnology and Oceanography Methods

Submitted Papers

2016. Kupchik, M.J., Shaw, R.F., Li, C. Effect of Winter Cold Front Passages on Densities of
Brevoortia patronus and Micropogonias undulatus Larvae in a Louisiana Tidal Pass. Submitted for
Publication/In Review.

2016. Kupchik, M.J., Shaw, R.F. Age and growth of Micropogonias undulatus in a Louisiana tidal pass
with variability in otolith microstructure due to hydrodynamic variability using digital image analyses.
Submitted for Publication/In Review.




In Preparation

Kupchik, M.J., Shaw, R.F., and Mccarter, K. Zero-inflated negative binomial modeling of spatial distributions of ichthyoplankton in a Louisiana tidal pass.

Kupchik, M.J., Nero, R., Li, C., and Shaw, R.F. Estimation of Brevoortia patronus spawning locations along the inner Louisiana continental shelf.

Kupchik, M.J., D'Sa, E., and Shaw, R.F. Characterization of Brevoortia patronus spawning sites using Fluorescence Line Height (FLH), temperature, and salinity information from MODIS remote sensing data.

Shaw, R.F., and Kupchik, M.J. Vertical distributions of ichthyoplankton along an offshore to inshore transect.